HiS Doreen & Dianne - Greetings & First youtube video

Our first video on youtube! This montage of pictures and live performance was inspired by 20 seconds of video Rick Newton, Doreen's husband, took of us just singin' on the front porch of the little cabin at the KOA campgrounds where I stayed while in Kentucky visiting, ministering, and of course, singing!

This blog is a place where we can share more - for those who want ... often when we go out and sing there is so much we want to talk about and there just isn't time - so, this is the reason we have launched this blog.

Doreen and Rick have been off on an adventure in the Lord. Rick has been preaching and carrying the cross as Doreen has been singing and sharing her heart. Doreen will be sharing her news about her growing prison ministry and all the weaving of events, people, finances & weather that all flow together in a way that only God can do.

I have been in MiTS (Ministry Training School) at my church Living God Fellowship which has changed my life by deepening my commitment to the Lord and wanting to bring all of my talents and work to serve Him.  I have also been singing with a new trio with friends Robin O'Herin and Lance Gallup. We have no name yet - but we will. Just as I joined up with Doreen in Kentucky we sing here in the Berkshires when she is home and I will go to meet her on the road when called.